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AC Adapter not installed - laptop not charging

I encountered a strange problem last night with my Dell XPS 15 laptop. It was working fine but then turned off, and would not turn back on. I held the power button for 30 seconds, tried everything, and to no avail. I later found out it had accidentally had water spilt on it - not a lot thankfully. I left it overnight.

Next morning, I turn it on and it works. It runs the BIOS screen and it says that the internal temperature was too high so had to power off. Laptop seems to be working normally. I plug in my charger and notice a strange burning smell. I quickly unplug it and realise the smell is coming from my actual laptop. I didn't notice if it was charging the first time, but when I plugged it back in after this, it had stopped charging and was not recognising charger at all. I turn it off and run BIOS and it says the AC Adapter isn't installed.

Not sure what else to do - tried to ring Dell and it wasn't helpful. Tried to google and have had no luck with my problem. I just want to know if it is my charger, my DC power jack or my actual motherboard (God forbid) that has the problem. 

Please, if anyone has any information, let me know!

Thank you.

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Doesn't really help with the problem of the burning smell, and the fact the laptop isn't recognising the charger at all.

I have read through that article and am currently waiting for the T5 Torx screwdrivers to open the laptop up!

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Were you able to resolve this issue?

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I have this problem on my xps1820. I've chased it around for a while now.

I have a new batt, new charger... I can get 60% charge (what the batt came with new) only after I disconnect the batt, disconnect the CMOS batt, and hold the power button in for 45 seconds... and then plug it in... but do NOT turn it on. 

It will charge to 60% but no higher no matter how long I leave it plugged in and it will STOP charging as soon as I boot up.

When I run the maintenance check (f12 on start) it will say that I don't have an AC Adapter.

Anyway... I'm following along in hopes for a new direction to try. 

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I had the message AC Adapter not installed in the BIOS of my Dell Vostro 3590. This occured after I plugged in the AC adapter charging olug into the laptop. I changed the AC Adapter (charger) still the same problem. I then changed th DC Power Jack. For those who do not know what this is, it is a short cable which incorporates the plug in point ont the laptop to a small connector for distributing power within the Laptop. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. This solved my problem. I just searched the internet for Dell Vostro 3590 DC Power Jack.

Supprisingly, the broken DC Power Jack did not charge the battery, but allowed the laptop to use manis power when the charger was plugged in.

As far as installing the new DC Power Jac, I seatched the internet for "Installing DC Power JAC on Dell Vostro 3590" which resulted in finding a YOUTUBE video which showed what was involved.

I hope this will help someone with solving their problem of thre battery not charging

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Generally if the adapter is not recognized it is either a bad adapter, a faulty DC jack, or the charging circuit on the MB. In your case considering that water was spilled on the laptop (it doesn't take much) it may be the MB. When you open up the system check carefully for any marks that appear to be shorting. Also if possible try a known good adapter but the smell is of some concern as that usually is an indication of burnt components.

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