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Blue screen of death, and then not booting (most of the time)

Hello, I have a Dell XPS 13 9305. Yesterday while using it, the blue screen appeared, but it was half pixellated.

I turned off the laptop. Now it will power on (I can see lights and fans, but the screen is still black). I've been turning it on and off all day, and one time it did turn on and went to the log in page. When I put my fingerprint on to unlock it, it went to the desktop, but it was pixellated and I couldn't do anything or see the mouse.

I turned it off again, and now it's still just showing a black screen when I turn it on. Please help! 

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I've pressed it but the screen is still black, nothing shows up

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Run the full Dell diagnostics on the system  -- F12 at powerup.

No, nothing comes up. 

I've been turning it off and on every hour, and one time today it said:

Fixing (C:) stage 2: 99% (0 of 0); Total 81%;  ETA: 0:00:004.

But then it stayed like that for hours, so I restarted again. It's back to black screen. 

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Start with a screen diagnostic - hold the D key through powerup.  Are the test screens displayed correctly or do they show the same fault?


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