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Dell XPS 13 9300 Battery drains to 0% when asleep

When I leave my XPS on battery overnight, I find that it has crashed and the battery is 0%

I have it set to sleep after 4 minutes and hibernate after 30 mins.   It does go to sleep but the battery continues to drain

I have run a sleep report which highlights problems but in all honesty I do not understand the report

In the power options there is not one to stop processes from waking the laptop

When in sleep the battery drain seems surprisingly fast

Am I alone with this?

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When the system is in sleep mode it is still on and will drain the battery.  Leave the adapter plugged in overnight so it will not drain. 

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Hi @Tudorman ,

In case that you have recently updated to Windows 10 2004 (May Update), have a look at this thread here:


When sleeping properly (so called S3 state, that has been eradicated by DELL/Microsoft for the 2004 update) there shouldn't be any fans spinning or any temperature developing (and therefore also only very slight battery drainage - maybe 5% over night). Make sure that as long as you haven't gotten the S3 state back, to NOT PUT your laptop in a casing or a bag for transport when in that state, since it might cause damage through overheating! Also running the battery down to 0% is detrimental to the battery's lifespan. When transporting the laptop, you can always shut it down, but I do absolutely understand how bothersome that can be.



My DELL XPS 13 9300 is also draining battery more than usual during sleep state. 

It used to consume about 3-5% overnight in sleep mode (about 9h), and now it's been consuming about 30-32% overnight (about the same 9h).

I did a battery report and sleep report. The laptop stays the 9h in the state "Connected Stand By" (as per report; that also confirms the information of 32% consumption in the 9h window). I remembered that in the past (maybe a long time ago with other XPS models maybe) seeing "Modern Standby" instead of "Connected Standby". But I don't think it's an issue, because a few weeks ago it was also "Connected Standby" and it was consuming only 3-5% battery overnight.

I'm using BIOS 1.2 and Windows 10 20H2 (Oct-20 update).

When I did the sleep report, I realized that during these "overnights", there were 2 processes that were 100% Active Time (100%), so I'm assuming they could be the reason for the 30% battery drain:

- Intel PCI Express Root Port #16 34B7 -> Realtek PCI Card Reader

- Intel Smart Sound Technology SST Audio Controller \_SB.PCI0.HDAS


By the way, It's also strange why it didn't hibernate, as the setting is set to auto after 5% drain (and it was working a few weeks ago):


HIBERNATE BUDGET [percentage of battery]5


Any thoughts or ideas on how to solve this and go back to acceptable 3-5% drain overnight?




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It should be a battery problem. Check it with 360 hardware master. See how much the battery is depleted, you can correct it.
There is also the problem of battery maintenance. It is best for the battery to keep the battery power at about 30%-40%.
If you are at home, you don’t need to put the battery on it. Remove the battery and use it once a month.

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I have the same issue with my 2.5 year old XPS 9370. It discharges to 0% overnight and won't turn on until I connect it back to power. My overall battery health is at 86% and this issue doesn't happen when I shut the system down completely. The only help I've gotten from dell is "make sure you close all your applications" or "use hibernate mode". Hibernate mode does nothing to fix it. I always close every applications before closing the lid. There's no reason for a laptop to discharge 80% of its battery overnight doing absolutely nothing.


Are you saying that even if it goes into hibernate, the battery still runs down

Have you tried looking at a Sleep Study Report to see if something is stopping sleep and/or hibernate?

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The root cause of battery drainage is from the wifi continue to run even the laptop is on standby.  The battery will drain about 5% every time it goes to standby.  if you set your laptop to airplane mode first, the battery does not drain.  DELL need to fix this issue.  this is really unacceptable.  


Why not change your power settings so that the XPS goes to hibernate?  No power used while in hibernate

So I have it go to sleep after 10 mins of inactivity and hibernate after 30 mins.  Also hibernate if I close the lid.

This solved both battery run down and also occasional BSOD while asleep overnight


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