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Dell XPS 15 9520 Performance Issue After RAM Upgrade

Hey guys, I upgraded my ram from 32gb to 64gb 4800mhz (bought it from crucial)

Now I'm experiencing performance issues. I feel like startup is more slow as well as starting programs and multitasking. Everything still works fine but especially multitasking with severel programs, after I went to sleep mode becomes laggy. For example running multiple emulators + camtasia causes my machine to lag.

I'm running the best configuration 9520 model.

I was thinkining about clean install WIN 11. Maybe it doesn't optimised running with 64gb of ram or something. Is a clean install advisable or REALLY NOT NECCESERY ? (because it's annoying after it took me severel days to setup all my programs correctly)

Thanks in advance guys and all the best.

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