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Dell XPS 9510 - Hurting Eyes

Hello everybody,

I bought a Dell XPS 9510 with a 4K screen months ago. Since this day, everytime i used the laptop my eyes are hurting and i have eyestrain. Even for short use.

In addition to the really bad color accuracy of the screen even after using a calibration device, I am in a situation in which I do not use the XPS...

Do any of you experience the same? I searched a lot about this issue and something that can cause that is named "PWM" of the screen but apparently the display of the Dell XPS 9510 don't have this problem.

I'm really considering selling it.

Thanks a lot

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Hi, We want to make sure your system is working fine and hence following up. Having said that, we do not want to disturb you with numerous messages. We will wait to hear from you to continue the conversation. Also, if we do not receive a response, the case will be archived. To re-open the case, just drop us a note here at your convenience, and we will be happy to help you.

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My issue is that the screen is just way too bright, even on the darkest setting. This in turn strains my eyes in dark environments.

I got a dell XPS 15 recently as well.  The dell's monitor I thought was okay, but when trying to use a dock and other monitors... I had some seriously bad strain.  One of my eyes just went straight up blurry.  I had to get off the dock and use wire to monitor.  Wonder if we dealing with similar issues...

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If it's that bad, sell and replace.  Alternative is to connect the system to a good quality external monitor and use that.


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