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Dell xps9700 17inch 16gb ram icore 7 10th gen gf2060 - random stutters, fps to 1.

XPS 17 9700


Not sure somebody  had similar issue or has one like me but i will try to describe it and i made a video to keep it as simple as possible. 

In general , my Laptop ( xps9700 17inch 16gb ram icore 7 10th gen gf2060)  from some time now started to randomly under performing badly and keeps stuttering/ lagging/ chocking. It happens on simple functions like watching the web pages , starting programs etc. I tried all possible software things i could only find/ think off. Rechecked bios settings, check voltages, programs, performances, etc. Removed in the system all unnecessary programs, removed background working programs, in general fo what onyl possible to eliminate possible issue from the pc underperforming. 

Not sure i somehow relook something and it is something simple which just in dells specifically creates an issue! but it is so annoying as it is high pc spec and should fly on everything mostly and it behave worse than 200 dollars laptop. 

I'm starting to think it may be actually hardware issue but again do not have to laptop access parts to check every single one to see it is memory, or board or processor or my m2 but maybe one of them is creating such a problem

If somebody has some knowledge about it / had similar issue and would be so kind to look at the video ( it is from canva as link so it is safe , not any virus or anything, canva is generally quite popular so i hope this will not create you an issue to see it)., i would be grateful 

In general you will see that even without starting benchmark ( it is just general start page with fps control , you can see fps hoovering around 400-440 fps to drop suddenly and stutter to 1 for another 30 sec and then get back to normal. Pc at this time is almost not operatable and even if you wisht o move a mouse pointer it ill behve exactly the same and just stutter constantly and keeps moving like 1 fps per sec or at maximum performance 

During this video , cpu was around 4% usage, m2 around 1 % , only memory around 60% usage which is quite high but again not out of order for windows and should absolutely in my mind not create any issue like it. ( sometimes windows on its own can have usage around 40%)


Apreciated your opinion, ideas and in general support. 

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Given that the system is approaching its third birthday, has it ever had a thorough internal cleaning and replacement of the thermal pads that sit between the heatsinks and heat slugs?  If so, that would be the first thing to do -- it's overdue.



yeah, it did had a cleaning, laptop has 2 years so even then i would say a bit too early for replacement of each thermopaste. Appreciated your feedback however but i dont think this is the issue since system is not overly overloaded with work during the test and still creating very challenging behaving. 

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