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Fan test on each boot

XPS 13 7390

I have an XPS 13 7390. The fan failed late 2021 with the "zipping" noise, so I replaced it with an OEM fan that I got from https://www.blackcatpc.co.uk/collections/dell-laptop-fans

The new fan works great but ever since fitting, the laptop insists on running a check before booting to Windows. 

Does anyone know how to prevent this please?

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If the issue did not arise with the original fan, it sounds like the replacement is not the correct part -- contact your seller for information.

Also note that there are two models (the XPS 7390 clamshell and 7390 2-in-1), though having the same model number, are very different inside and use different fans.  Be sure they supplied the correct part for whichever model you have.



Anyone know of another supplier I can get the correct part from?


When Dell doesn't have a part, the first place to check should be https://www.parts-people.com/ 


Thanks but unfortunately I'm based in the UK

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Which 7390 do you have -- the clamshell or the 2-in-1?


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Hi, it's the clamshell model

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I'm confident I have the right model fan. The one I have looks like this:


I believe the one for the 7390 2-in-1 looks like this:


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This is so frustrating. The fan works perfectly. My problem is that the pre-boot software is insisting it has failed. Also, surely there's a way to buy a fan directly from Dell in the UK?

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