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G15 5510 Display glitches.

Good afternoon.
Yesterday I received my laptop. It came with Ubuntu OS. 
After 2mins of using laptop I found glitches on the screen. Horizontal strips occuring randomly. Not all the time just once a time for like 1 second. Then I found out that during browsing Chrome going down to  the bottom of the webpage is occuring all the time. That was very strange to me because doesn't look like screen issue more like drivers for me or something. I connected laptop to TV via hdmi to check if it will occurs there as well but it didn't only on laptop screen. I contacted Technical Support we tried to go through troubleshooting but we had a problem with Ubuntu OS as all stress tests/benchmarks and tests were in .exe which I couldn't install. Regarding to Technical Support I install Windows 10 OS on. Then I updated all drivers intel/nvidia/bios restart system few times then I done 10 test with colour things (D+Power) glitches didn't show up. I ran 10 times Heaven Benchmark same, no horizontal strips at all. I ran SupportAssist twice testing all hardware - no issues then glitches again during browsing Chrome or on log-in screen. All seems fine during all test I done above. I download MonitorTest and during colour test on Grey colour strips occurs and dissapired after 2 seconds. Now using laptop normally still occurs radomly mostly in same place from middle of screen to right side on 1pix size. Anyone have idea what can I do else to find out what the problem is? I don't want to send brand new laptop to repair in this case I would just get refund.

Hopefully you can understand as English language is not my first language. Thank you!

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On a system that is only a day old, do you really want to try and correct a problem that may be long lasting? You have 30 days to request a refund or replacement and I would suggest calling Dell tech support to go over your options.

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Well I want to know the answer what causing this issue. It might be just loose cable or something. Don’t want to wait another 3 weeks or so for another laptop obviously only if the issue is simple to fix and it won’t back in a future. If I’m not get the answer today I will ask for refund tomorrow. thank you for your reply.

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Hey man!

I just got my dell G15 exaclty the same of yours, and I had the same issue. 

I tested and i noticed that only the google chrome caused the glitches, i tried to mess with the windows with the microsoft edge and i didn't had problems.

So i noticed that google chrome has a configuration that causes those glitches. Go to chrome > settings > advanced > system, and DISABLE HARDWARE ACCELERATION. 

For me it solved the problem.

Hope it helps

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I've had the same issue for a long time in Windows 11. I just tried removing the DISABLE HARDWARE ACCELERATION Chrome setting and I can confirm that I don't see the problem anymore. 

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