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HELP! Dell xps 9343 No Audio anywhere!

Hello everyone. 


I've never really made a post on the forums for help but I'm at my wits end with this audio issue and I'm normally pretty good with computers!

I noticed there was a problem as youtube videos suddenly stopped working when I was using the laptop to follow some CAD tutorials, they were completely black screens and only audio although I could see the previews on the timeline and the interface worked. I restarted the laptop and now I have no audio at all.

When I plug in headphones nothing is recognized at all. I have tried various settings and tweaks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers and update programs all say up to date. In the audio playback panel I have a device called Name Not Available for some reason which I've never seen before. In device manager I still have my Realtek Codec and Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers. When playing audio I can see that it is trying to play things as the sound level bar goes up and down indicating sound. I have even used a bluetooth headphone and that comes up in sound devices with a playing sound bar and is recognized as a device but still, no sound.

Can anyone at all help me? I'm completely puzzled as to what has suddenly gone wrong?


Thanks in advance everyone.

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You may need the Realtek audio driver instead of the Intel Smart Sound Technology driver.

You didn't mention the version of Windows, so be sure to select that from the OS list before downloading/installing the Realtek driver.

Dell advises this:

Realtek audio, red X, or not seen in Device Manager

This happens when Windows Update installs the ISST (Intel Smart Sound Technology) BEFORE the Realtek Audio driver.

* Download/save the latest Realtek Audio driver from your specific PC model's drivers page
* Go to Control Panel
* Go to Programs
* Uninstall Realtek Audio driver
* Install the saved Dell Realtek Audio driver
* Restart the PC when done


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