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How Can I Buy A Dell That Is On Sale Right Now

I have an interesting situation.  I had been looking at a Dell XPS 15 9520 laptop for a while, and I finally decided to get it. I paid 2811 Euros for it.  Upon receiving the laptop, I discovered that it had arrived faulty - one of the white LED lights in the front of the laptop didn´t light up.  I have initiated a return.  The laptop will be picked up this Wednesday, and according to an email that I have received from Dell, once the laptop has been picked up, the refund to my bank card will be processed within 3 to 5 working days.

In the meantime, I just looked on Dell´s website, and now my exact XPS laptop is on sale for 10% off.  As I said, I paid 2811 Euros for it.  It´s now on sale for 2413 Euros - a savings of almost 400 Euros.

Now I´m stuck between a rock and a hard place.  If I had the money in my account today, I would re-order my exact same Dell, and take advantage of that 400€ savings.  But I don´t have the money in my account.  I´m now in waiting mode.....waiting for my faulty Dell XPS to be picked up, and waiting for my refund to be processed, and waiting to receive the actual refund. 

With my luck, by the time I get that refund, the sale will be over, and that potential 400€ off price tag will be gone.

Is there any way I can get some kind of promotional code from Dell that will allow me to purchase my dream XPS at the current sale price, but in about 10 days.....after I have received my refund?

I sure hope someone can help. 

All in with tax, the current price is 2413.62.

Thank you,

Tiny Tech


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