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Resetting Windows 11 : From windows itself or Dell USB recovery !?

Hello there , 

I am an owner of an XPS 15 9510 and I have a question.

If I want to reset windows 11 , should I do it from windows 11 option or the Dell USB recovery ? What is the difference !?

Plus : I want to keep the apps that came with my device like My Dell. 

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If you create a Win 11 recovery drive, it should restore you to factory as if you had just received it except the lastest version of Win 11 would be the one you had when you created that recovery drive.

I have not yet tried on Win 11 but it should work the same as Win 10.

This, of course means you may not be able to keep some things you have added.  Read the instructions carefully as to which type of recovery you want to use.

If your system is set up to use the Dell Recovery image, it may do just about the same thing but will use the original Win 11 image.


Other folks may have actually had the experience so you might want to wait for their input.

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