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Service tag invalid error


Hi Dell.

I have Dell XPS 9500. I would like to get support but the service tag is not valid due to dell.com.

How can I validate my service tag? I had a chat conversation with the support, they are asking for the receipt to check my service tag. But I bought this device a couple of years ago.
Is there any way to validate my service tag and get support?
Because I have some problems with the PC need an assist.

Kind regards

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Double check (in setup, F2 at powerup) the service tag number.  If it's correct but doesn't resolve with Dell, and the system was purchased other than direct from Dell, contact your seller.



Thanks for the reply. I have checked from bios and command prompt. All are the same.
I have already changed country. There is no way to contact the seller. Let's see if Dell is going to help to sort it out or not.


They're going to point you toward the seller.  

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