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Specific configuration

I am from Belgium and I'm looking for a laptop.
I have interest in the Dell xps 15. I would want the version with the 12th gen i7 processor, the Rtx 3050, 16gb of Ram. The 512gb or 1tb Ssd with the Fhd+ screen. And the Belgian (Azerty) integrated keyboard.

But within the specifications there's a notion of a 86wh battery option which i have to choose. But i can't find it anywhere.
Where could I find this and how much would this add to the price?

I'd like to have very good battery life so this is quite important.

And I know that the battery is bigger when I choose the other display types but I don't want those.

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The systems are configurable only to those Dell has offered.  If you do not see the configuration you want on Dell's own website, check with local resellers or retailers - they may have the configuration you want.  You cannot, however, alter a pre-existing configuration a la carte -- i.e., you cannot add the larger battery to a configuration that doesn't list it.



Screenshot_20221124_125924_Samsung Internet.jpg

 But why would it show up in the specifications then? It means that it would exist right? I tried every combination possible but can't find one with the bigger battery

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It depends on whether (or how many) of these are built with the low resolution screen and larger battery.  In theory, it's possible to purchase a new Subaru Crosstrek in the US with a manual transmission -- but good luck finding one. 


Thank you very much for the help so far, but would the base version (the one I have to take with the FHD screen) come with the bigger or the smaller battery? I don't think this is very clearly stated within the specifications. 

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If it's the first one you've listed, no -- that has the smaller 56 WHr battery.


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