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Unable to Connect to Home WiFi. Able to connect to personal hotspot though


My Dell XPS 9500 is no longer able to connect to my home WiFi or guest WiFi 2.4ghz networks. It doesnt even identify my 5Ghs bands. Interestingly enough it connects to my phones hotspot with no issue. 

When I try to connect to my home wifi, it asks for the password, tries to connect for several moments before giving the message "unable to connect to network."

Following troubleshooting steps performed:

1. Power cycle

2. Ran Dell support assist "run all" and updated all firmware and drivers.

3. uninstalled and reinstalled the Killer network driver from the dell website


What else can I do?

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Glad it seems to be working.  I have little experience with Guest Networks.  I have been meaning to set one up on my AXE11000 so if I notice anything, I will get back.  


Edit:  I set up a guest network and made it password protected WPA 3-Personal and not allowed to access the local network.  Seems to be working normally.  There are several settings you can change if you want, such as leaving the network open which is something I would not suggest.

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Here it is:


Looks like you were right to think it was an authentication issue! WPA 3 allows me to see my 5ghz network and connect. My router has a WPA 2/WPA3 personal option that I set the 2.4 band to (WPA 3 did interfere with smart devices). At first it didnt work but i am not able to connect to both bands! I am worried I may still have intermittent issues (I have always had network problems on this computer / card) but will call this fixed as of now!

One last thing to note, i still cant connect to my guest networks on both bands if you have any off the cuff suggestions. otherwise thats a problem for another time lol.

I am only seeing the bottom of the report.  There should be something above those entries, such as the ones below.  The lines you do show agree with my listing.

C:\Windows\System32>netsh wlan show drivers

Interface name: Wi-Fi

Driver : Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz
Vendor : Intel Corporation
Provider : Intel
Date : 3/15/2022
Version :
INF file : oem110.inf
Type : Native Wi-Fi Driver
Radio types supported : 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n 802.11a 802.11ac 802.11ax
FIPS 140-2 mode supported : Yes

XPS 9365, Inspiron 7567 Gaming, Inspiron 7779, XPS One 2720
System fully Win 11 compliant

See any issues?




Windows 11 could still be involved if you are up to date on those updates.  There have been a couple of updates lately causing problems for folks for various reasons.  I expect something fairly soon to solve that situation.

Dell also has a history with the (Intel) Killer Wireless cards.  I have tested those, not the 1650s, but they seem to be reliable to me.  It appears the 1650 is a CNVio interface so it may depend on your systems chipset drivers.

Just to see if it will run without showing errors, you might try the command below in an Admin command prompt.

netsh wlan show drivers

I have run an AiMesh configuration from time to time and the router's 5 GHz SSID should show up just through that, assuming it is allowed to broadcast.  If it isn't showing up on your system, you might try the WPA-3 Personal and see if it makes a difference.  I know my 6 GHz radio does not show up in Windows 10 due to authentication problems.  

It looks like you have done pretty much all you can to resolve the situation.  You probably are dealing with the Killer Performance Suite and the drivers but if you aren't showing a code 10 on the device in Device Manager, it should be functioning.


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Thanks for replying:


windows 11

killer AX1650s

Asus mesh network 


Computer connected fine up to a week ago. Network setting ms have been set up for ages, nothing changed there. All other devices connect to wifi fine. Upgraded your win 11 over 2 months ago so I don’t think that’s it. 

WPA 2 personal on my 2.4 and 5ghz bands. Just to reiterate, I am “unable to connect to network” on the 2.4 band and can’t see the SSID on the 5ghz band. 

I considered increasing to WPA 3 but got a notification that said it wouldn’t be compatible with some end devices. I assume it’s on oh my smart things

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A little more info regarding your current configuration may help.  Are you using Windows 11 and what Wi-Fi card do you have.  

What type of Router do you have and was it working prior and just stopped one day.

Right now all I might consider is the authentication you are using.  Is the 5 GHz WPA 3-Personal?

XPS 9365, Inspiron 7567 Gaming, Inspiron 7779, XPS One 2720
System fully Win 11 compliant
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