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Unrecognisable Service Tag & Poor Customer Service Experience

As the title suggests, I have been unable to check on my warranty status let alone contact technical support as my service tag is unrecognizable. I have tried calling multiple times but service has failed to connect me to my local (MY) service hotline. They have not checked nor followed up on the status of my service request either to make sure the problem is resolved. Overall extremely poor experience from Dell and there's no way for Dell users to contact support without service tag.

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Already done all the necessary to make sure the product is under my name after purchasing it.

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Assuming you purchased other than direct from Dell, had you registered the system in your name?  If not, you still need the assistance of your seller.


That’s not the case. I’ve owned this laptop for well over a year now and I was previously able to connect it to Dell support and have even asked them to verify its authenticity for me. It’s only when I recently wanted to check on the warranty status that it’s no longer recognisable. 

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If the service tag does not show as valid, you need to contact your seller for an explanation.  If they cannot or will not explain satisfactorily to resolve the issue, return the system for a refund.


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