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WD22TB4 Not Fully Compatible with Alienware X14

I just bought a WD22TB4 thunderbolt docking station, to pair with my home laptop (X14) and my work laptop (Latitude 5410), and use with my  S3222DGM curved monitor, without having to keep removing cables, other than the thunderbolt USB-C. Although the docking statition works perfectly with the work laptop (monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply, and automatically turns on the system as soon as you plug the USB-C cable), it only seems to work partially with the X14 (monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply, but it doesn't automatically turn on the laptop when plugging in the USB-C cable into any of the three thunderbolt type C ports). I have to manually turn on the laptop before plugging into dock, which is not the end of the world, but it is not what I was expecting.

Does anyone know of a secrete driver I am missing or something like that? The Dell tech who helped me troubleshoot yesterday, couldn't remmediate the issue. He thinks it is just a compatibility issue, and there is nothing Dell can do. If that is the case, oh well. I guess most things work fine, it could be way worse. But it is a pain to have to manually turn the PC on. I wish it worked fully like my work PC.

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