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XPS 13 7390 Fan runs continually even after shut down

XPS 13 7390

I bought my XPS 13 7390 in January, 2020. Just in the last week or so it has started misbehaving in that the fan continues to run even after it has been shut down.  The fan runs for hours after shut down apparently never stopping (it has run all night long - 8 to 10 hours) , and the computer does not start up again immediately when I push the Power On button.  I must hold the Power button down for a good while, and then the machine finally starts.  How can I fix this problem?

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Try resetting your BIOS to defaults and seeing if that fixes the issue.

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Have you ran BIOS and/or SupportAssist diagnostics? Have you ran Windows and/or SupportAssist updates?


Yes, BIOS and SupportAssist Diagnostics say all is ok.  Windows 10 is up to date, and the Dell System is up to date.  The System BIOS is 1.17.0, Version BD2.55

Following BIOS Diagnostics the Result Code was 2000-0000 and the Validation Code was 84260.

The problem persists.  The fan continues to run after the machine has gone through the shut down process, and the machine will then not start immediately when the power button is pushed.  I hold the power button down for a long time (i.e. in excess of 10 seconds) and the machine finally fully shuts down, with the fan stopped.  Only then, when I push the power button does the machine start up again.  And soon after it has booted up again the fan starts running and runs continually until I do the above:  holding the power button down for a long time after the machine shuts down.


Try resetting your BIOS to defaults and seeing if that fixes the issue.


I reset the BIOS to System Defaults and that seems to have fixed the problem.  The fan rarely runs now, and when it is running when I do a Shut Down, the machine shuts down and the fan stops running.  Thanks for the help!

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No worries glad I could help

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