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XPS 13 9310, wake grayed out in Device Manager

So I have a Dell XPS 13 9310 2021 variant with intel i7 evo processer on an 11th gen. Upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 with a razer mouse and keyboard. When I go into Device Manager and right click on power settings, the check mark for wake this computer using this mouse or keyboard is grayed out and cannot select the option? Also there is no setting in BIOS for that option either. My mouse and keyboard is plugged into a Dell Dock WD19 non-thunderbolt and what I want to know is how do I go about getting that box to show up where I can select it?

Also my one razer mouse will wake the laptop but my other razer mouse will not? I have to click on the left click button to wake my computer so I do not know if it is a mouse issue with the particular mouse or not?


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Update = user reports that a different mouse plugged into the docking station works fine and wakes the XPS 13 9310. The fault has to be with the razer mouse.

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