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XPS 13 9350, charging with non-Dell USB-C adapter

My Dell XPS 13 9350 does not charge using the USB-C adapter I use to charge my IBM ThinkPad.

I get it, I must use a Dell charger but where I come from finding an authentic affordable Dell charger isn't really easy. So is there a way to bypass this?!

Plus, what does that button do I encircled in Red in the fourth picture?







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You need an OEM adapter to charge the battery.  They're not unreasonably expensive.


The button activates the battery-level indicator next to it.


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I always wondered about the charger. I have one at home, one at the office, and carry one in my computer bag. Three Dell chargers at what, $75 each? I don't remember what I paid for the "extra" ones I bought. I tried a few that were given to me, but I always got the "warning" message. One would charge, but the other wouldn't. Thanks for the heads up/info!

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If the warning was that the AC adapter could not be detected, and occurred on multiple adapters, the DC jack is the most likely problem.

From the appearance in the photo you initially shared, the system has led a rough life -- the jack is likely damaged.

This is the part to replace:



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