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XPS 13-9370, Keyboard skips button presses


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I'm experiencing the same thing as @CalmDownMonkey so I hope the two issues are related and fixed in this BIOS update!

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I stumbled upon this thread after having an issue with double-presses when clicking on the right edge of the spacebar (which is where I ALWAYS click). It seems to only happen when I type fast, and the second press almost always happens after pressing another key. I wonder if you were experiencing similar issues? I fear this might be an actual physical issue, and not possible to fix with software since it works fine when using any other part of the space-bar (which is quite awkward for me to do).

However, upon reading this thread, I've tried to also replicate the issues described here, and I am definitely experiencing the same thing - although maybe less often than what is mentioned here. 

@DELL-Justin C

Is the BIOS update still on for the 8th of May? I plan on opening a support case for this issue and the double-press issue described above, but if the update is coming in a few days, I might give that a chance first.

Unfortunately, this absolutely ruins my experience with what is otherwise a cool laptop, and will have to return it if not fixed very soon since I need it for work.


Same problem here, random key presses are being missed which makes for a terrible experience. Entering a credit card number is a difficult with this bug. Along with the wifi not working when waking on sleep, and going to sleep when I've configured it not to....there are no end of issues with this laptop. If I weren't out of the country I would return it


Yeah you are right.

I returned my X1C gen 6 for a similar issue. Waiting for this fix (and it's certainly going in my review).


Well, it's 9th may and the updated, scheduled for the 8th (and previously scheduled for april 28), has not been released.

This keyboard situation is unbearable, too bad I'm outside of returning period :(


@DELL-Justin C

Any word on this issue?  I'm having the same issue, (and it is quite frustrating to be constantly correcting "spelling" mistakes in a linux terminal, or windows, when typing too fast)

I was reading in this forum that a bios update may resolve this, and that it would perhaps be posted (unofficially)  on May 8th?  That hasn't happened, so I'm wondering about a more official timeline.  Is something wrong with bios 1.3.1 that it still hasn't been posted?





To be fair, the May 8th was a tentative date "leaked" by a member of the support team, and wasn't an official date.

That said, it's very disappointing that this is still an issue. I think a lot of us would be more than happy to test out in-development BIOS to mitigate this issue despite the risks associated because it really is that much of an issue.


Yeah, I realise the May 8th date was a "leaked/hearsay" date. :)

@DELL-Justin Chowever, seemed to indicate it was "ready" and "waiting to be posted" (which was 2 weeks ago), so thought I'd ask about an update, to maybe help push this along (along with all my tech support tickets from calling dell so often!) ;)

As i'm sure everyone is, it's just so frustrating to use this brand-new laptop, typing a command I use so often like:

cd data/something/something

that ends up showing on the terminal as:

cd adta/osmethnig/smoehting

And I don't even think I'm typing that fast! Definitely under 70words/min


Anyhow, hopefully we'll hear something soon.  I'm even willing to try beta UEFI firmwares.  Because, like you said "it really is that much of an issue".

(It also makes me wonder why no engineer/QA person/or even reviewer of this laptop (from any tech sites that I've read reviews from), has even noticed this, when it was released.  It took me less than 10 minutes with it to discover this ;) 


What I got from prosupport today:


"Regarding Service Request: xxx concerning Service Tag: xxx. 

 Our engineering team already aware on this issue, the issue can be solved by next release BIOS version that will happen end of May. Has I mentioned to you earlier , if you request for refund or exchange with other system for now. Please look for the retailer shop for further assist. Please do let me know , if you want to proceed with refund , I will proceed to closed the case for now .

Regards, xxxx"

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