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XPS 13 9370, not turning on, CPU gets hot

Where can I find a USB-C IC for my Dell XPS 13 9370? My laptop won't turn on due to it. I couldn't find one online. 

IC name : TPS65982DA / 87APTPW

Kindly help if someone knows where to find one.


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Unless you live in Southeast China, or are willing to order thousands of them, you likely cannot.  And even if you can find the part, do you have a rework station and the skills to replace it?  Beyond even that, are you willing to gamble that it's the only failed part you have -- and that it wasn't another issue that caused the failure in the first place?

The only certain repair is to replace the system board. 


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Yes , i got it checked through a repairman and the chip is the only issue now , but neither him nor i can find the part in Pakistan.

Once i get the part , the repairman is going to fix it properly. 

I can't get a new board because I'm a middle class student and can't afford another board .

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Ali Express is probably the only place you have any chance of finding the part, and be prepared to have to order far more than just one of them.


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eBay, aliexpress and other websites seem to have options relating to your IC, but you might not get a definitive answer unless you reach out to TI since they produce that IC. Of course ejn63 already mentioned this could be a long shot repair, but just telling you this for more information.

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