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XPS 13 9370 taskbar permanently greyed out and flickering

Taskbar is greyed out and permanently fast-flickering. No other issues with the monitor, nothing else is flickering or greyed out; just the task bar. I've downloaded/installed all driver updates; didn't help. The flickering doesn't show on the external monitor when it's connected; looks completely normal there while at the same time flickering on the laptop.

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@cfs123I had a similar issue with a 9360. A windows update actually resolved the issue. What version of Windows are you on? Go to "Settings>System>About" and scroll down to the "Windows Specifications" section. I'm on Win 11 and don't have my Win 10 machine here now, but the information should be similar with a Win version and a build and so forth:



Windows 10 Home. Didn't mean to click "accept as solution".

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Move the Task bar to the side or top Now place an Icon on the bottom and see if you can replicate the issue 

If the Flicker follows the Task bar than it's a SOFTWARE issue. 


Issue didn't follow with the task bar, bottom screen still flickering.

@cfs123   In your original post you mentioned "monitor". Were you taking about the built in screen or an external monitor? It sounded like you were talking about the screen, which gave me a thought for troubleshooting.

What happens when you connect to an external monitor? Does the bottom still flicker?

Sorry for the delay. The issue is only with the built-in screen. External monitor has no issues. I completed a suggestion above re move the task bar to the side. The issue doesn't carry over so it's not a task bar issue, it's a screen issue. 

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Yes, I have the same issue but could not find any solution yet. tried almost everything on net but has not been able resolve the issue


I have a 9360 and have had this problem for the last 7 months. I thought the issue was a corrupt Win 10 cumulative update but I just attached an external monitor and like the OP, realize the issue is with the XPS 13 screen. The monitor is fine. Tried reinstalling video drivers several times and the issue persists. Dell needs to work on this.

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Same issue with mine as well, any solutions at all only had it just under a year now

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