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XPS 15 7000 Series-7590 won't start



My laptop XPS 15 7000 Series-7590 do not boot up. 

Before the issue then the XPS 15 7000 Series-7590 stop sometimes and also hard issue to light up. 


After one reboot didn't boot up again. 

Try to unplug battery and worked twice but not that do not help. 


Any idea? 



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Before sending away my Computer will I do a backup of my SSD disk.

Just bought and can access my SSD disk from one other computer.

Data is more important than my Laptop

ICY BOX SSD M.2 NVMe-kapsling, USB 3.1 (Gen2, 10 Gbit/s), kylsystem, USB-C, USB-A, PCIe M-Key, aluminium 

I have the same problem with my Dell XPS 15 7590

my laptop closed instantly while working on the battery and never came back.
There was a bios update in the windows 11 update.
The guarantee expired two months ago. I opened and paid the service request 6 days ago.

My laptop still hasn't been collected. 


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