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XPS 15 7590 screen glitch, choppy audio during playback.

I’ve been having issues with the screen glitching at the bottom right corner of the screen along with choppy audio when I use the hardware Maschine attached to my laptop.

Video of the screen/audio glitch in Google folder below:


How can this be fixed? 

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I watched the video and it honestly looked fine to me, the audio sounded fine and I didn't see any visual glitches on the screen.


Hello there.

Apologies about that. 
I posted the wrong video.
The actual video is now in my Google Drive link.

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(EDIT: The first video that was in the Google Drive was the wrong video and now the right video is there now. Apologies.)

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To confirm the hardware you're talking about is a wireless mouse and the problems begin when you plug it in and end when you unplug it?


No, the Maschine is a hardware audio workstation to make beats.

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Okay, did this piece of hardware ever work correctly (has this issue just begun)? Or did the hardware never work correctly? Also, what is the software which you are using with it?

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