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XPS 15 7950 Battery Charging Issues


Recently, as of 5/23/2022, my laptop has not been able to determine the wattage of my charger (130W). I have owned this laptop for 2 years and am just now having issues with it. Here are the symptoms:

  • On boot, I receive a message saying Alert! The ac power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. the battery...
  • While running, my laptop battery indicator does not light up. In the bottom right, I see the percentages showing as x% available (plugged in)
  • I receive a notification from dell power manager telling me the battery wattage cannot be determined.
  • The battery slowly drains
  • Occasionally the laptop will start charging (notification goes away and the indicator light turns on) until I unplug it or it charges to full at which point it will go back to the previous issue

What I've tried:

  • I have tested other chargers including a 65W and a 200W neither of which were able to be determined by the system
  • I replaced the DC jack
  • I have run updates through windows update and support assist
  • I have removed all printers and I/O devices and their drivers and re-added them
  • Ran sfc /scannow and DISM commands and restarted multiple times
  • Took out the battery and powered the laptop on while the cord was plugged in: It booted up fine and kept the laptop alive

What I think it might be:

  • Looking at the update log, Intel - SoftwareComponent -2130.1.16.38 and HP Inc. - Printer - HP Printer (BIDI) were the only two updates done that day so, as I already removed the HP Printer drivers, it must be the SoftwareComponent driver, right?
  • Possibly the battery? I ran multiple system health checks through the onboard diagnostics and the dell support assist that said the battery life is excellent (even though I've had it for two years), but maybe its not charging right?
  • Hopefully not the power board as on XPS 15 7950 it is integrated and I don't want to have to spend $500 on a new motherboard

I would appreciate any ideas on what else it could be or any information on how to roll back the SoftwareComponent update. Thank you guys for your help!

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It is as I feared then. Thank you very much, I will most likely request the hardware repair service that dell offers for $40 and then they will charge me for the new motherboard. Thank you very much for your assistance

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If you've replaced the DC jack and adapter with OEM units to no effect, you do need to replace the system board.  The power circuit is part of the system board and not separately replaceable.


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