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XPS 15 9500 Battery Dead

XPS 15 9500

I have a Dell XPS 15 9500 that I bought roughly 2.5 years ago and am already facing some battery issue with it wherein I cannot use it without connecting it to the power source and it behaves like the battery simply isn't there. Dell service is asking me to pay for a battery replacement as the battery warranty is only 1 year. I don't understand the point of purchasing such a laptop if 'wear and tear' (Dell service's words) can occur so quickly? Is there anyone I can write to regarding this? I appreciate any help.

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The normal lifespan of a battery is 2-3 years, so it's just about on the normal distribution curve.



Oh! I wasn't aware the laptop has such a poor battery lifespan. I've had a better experience with other brands, cheaper ones that too.

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Be sure you're comparing similar systems -- the XPS models are thin, light and use high performance components at the 15"  and 17" level.  That leads to them running on the hot side, which will adversely affect the battery life.

Business models tend to be larger, bulkier and therefore better cooled.  So are many true "gaming" system (i.e., NOT the budget G-series, or the equivalent from Lenovo/HP/ASUS/etc.)


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Having a similar issue with xps 15 9500, laptop is barely two years old, and it is already asking to service the battery, I have a macbook which is 10 years old and works fine, honestly really disappointed by the dells quality... And it is not even the first issue I'm having with it, display also died after a year of use, but it was replaced by dell, now it reboots randomly after sleep, so yeah ...

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