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XPS 15 9510 Completely Freezing

XPS 15 9510

For the past few of weeks, my laptop will randomly completely freeze. I am not putting it through any type of heavy usage when this happens. Usually just browsing the internet. The only way to get anything to respond is to hard restart it by pressing the power button for 15 seconds. No other keyboard functions work. I have tried the Integrated graphics solution found on here, but that does not work. I have run diagnostics and everything comes back fine. My laptop is completely updated. The freezing is totally random and sometimes will not happen at all, so I don't know that I'll be able to diagnose anything in Safe mode. I wouldn't even know what to look for there.

Called Dell support, but of course my warranty ended 2 months ago and they were going to charge $99 just to look at it. I got this computer because it was supposed to be the best Windows operated laptop on the market for what I needed it for. I shouldn't be having these types of problems on a 1 year old computer that was this expensive. My other laptop is a MAC and has been going strong for 10 years now. 

Any tips on what to do here would be greatly appreciated.

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1. Wait: Give It a Minute to Catch Up
2. Check Your Peripherals
3. Kill the Offending Program
4. Check Your Browser’s Task Manager
5. Reboot and Try Again
6. Check the Reliability Monitor
7. Reinstall Any Recent Drivers
8. Do a Malware Scan
9. Give Your Hard Drive a Checkup


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I have also been having the same issues, with the same exact model. I am covered under Dell warranty, but several repeated attempts have led to no fixes. The only thing that temporarily fixed this problem was redownloading Windows 11, but after three months, the same problem came back. 

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Same problem with me too, I even freshly installed windows 11. No luck.

Does dell even care about it's users. I saw a lot of forums with same issue. I am really upset about the software support of their premium product. In future I would never suggest Dell to anyone. 


Appreciate the response and the helpful tips. Unfortunately, none of these worked for me.  Once it freezes, that's it. I've waited for quite a while for something to respond before being forced to restart this. I can't close out of any programs or open up the task manager once it freezes, even after waiting several minutes. Computer repair functions suggest everything is fine. No malware issues. Sometimes I can go a couple of hours before it freezes. One time, it froze up on the login screen. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why it freezes. Tried using different browsers with no luck.

Don't know how to monitor everything while I'm using it to see what is going wrong. Any tips there? Should I set up another monitor to it, so I can see the task manager, for example, while I'm using it?

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I have been having the same exact problem with my XPS 15 9510. I love the laptop but I can't have it freezing up every time, especially when working on something important. might have to sell the laptop. 



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I ended up paying to have Dell try and fix it. They spent two hours working on it remotely and it hasn't frozen yet in the week since. Trying to figure out what exactly they did, but I keep missing the callback. I'll update here if I find out.


Hi! could you please share some updates? I have the same crazy problem and I was not able to fix it by my own ... but before paying I would like to know if you solved the problem by contacting Dell. Thanks a lot!

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The lady was hard to understand, but I believe she said she cleaned up some files on the computer (not sure what that entailed) and updated our drivers. I always checked updates on the system settings, and reverted back to previous driver installs through the settings on the computer, but apparently some driver updates have to be installed through the dell support website. Hasn't crashed on me since she worked on it.

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