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XPS 15 9520 Thunderbolt 4 implementation in Win11 / eGPU stuttering

Hello. I have a XPS 15 9520 / i7 12700H / 32GB RAM / 2x 1TB drive / RTX 3050 Ti / OLED

I bought a eGPU encloure Razer core X + nVidia RTX3070

When i play games like Cyberpunk 2077, they terribly lags and stutters. I have all drivers updated and disabled the dedicated 3050 Ti. Long story short. I found that the problem is Dell thunderbolt optimalization with windows 11.

I installed a bootable external drive with windows 10. All games runs great and smooth. The experience is mutch better. The difference is Night and day.

Does Dell plan to fix this issue? I dont like the idea to dual boot second windows. I would like to have a plug and play solution in windows 11, or iam gonna return the eGPU enclosure.

Here is a thread where more people face this problem and cant find a solution.


Here is another thread about thunderbolt XPS15 9520:



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Taking a brief look at the Reddit post you linked. Non Dell users reported the same issue, so I think this is an MS issue (maybe try posting on the MS forums) and not a Dell specific issue. Windows 11 is still a mess.


Dell sells XPS laptops with Windows 11. Why they sell a mess? Not a solution, but i will post there maybe too.


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I was referring to the first reddit post you had linked. Dell sells 'a mess' because they are a business with the goal of making money. Also the reddit post you relinked talks about thunderbolt generally, not while using an eGPU. First try ensuring you have all the relevant drivers from Dell's website.


I know what your refering to. If you dont understand the connection between these 2 posts, i am not here to explain it to you. I clearly stated i updated all drivers in the original post. Please, stop spamming this topic if you dont read it and have nothing to participate. Arguments like windows is a mess and business goals about money have zero added value.

I spended more then 5000euros on DELL xps15 and 2x 32 DELL Ultrasharps monitors. I have spended hours trying to solve this issue. So i posted here, maybe somebody have the same issue or have an actual solution to the problem. Or maybe DELL as a company can take a look on this issue and make some system update. Thanks

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Hi Jenu, 

But how did you manage to get your configuration working in the first place on win 11? My config is almost the same (RTX 3080, but no other differences) but i'm not getting the external GPU going. No picture on the displays. And the lapro becomes very unresponsive if i connect the core x. On windows 10 (installed of second SSD) - no problem. Installed windows out of the box, installed drivers, connected Core X - everything works just fine. On Win 11 - externa GPU is dead. 


Hello Sergei,

Iam sorry to hear you have so mutch problems. My eGPU worked right away when i plugged it in win11.

My solution is > sell the eGPU. I builded an mini ITX pc for entertaiment and gaming. I used the NZXT H1 compact case and the size is similar to CoreX. Now i dont need to turn off dedicated graphics, everytime i connect a eGPU and its more simple.

XPS15 for work
NZXT H1 entertaiment and games

Iam afraid win11 + eGPU is not worth all the issues. But if you want to continue this headache I recommend to you this page:



Hello OP, you may have started with a right direction, but then you ran way off the correct path to find the resolution.  From your findings, the system performed well with Windows 10 and only having issue when running with Windows 11.  That indication pointing out the hardware is functioning properly.  And the issue is within Windows 11 operating system.  Which, only Microsoft can make change or fix their codes.  While the bulk of profits are from providing equipment, services and supports to gov/business/enterprises sectors, Dell could work with OEM vendors and providing drivers and firmware update to support the hardware they sold to consumers.  But that's all I think they can do.

You are barking at the wrong tree.

Edit:  I'm not working for Dell.


Hello Chino,

I disagree with you. Yes hardware is working quite fine (dell replaced my mainboard after 2 months of booting issues). But DELL sells a product with a microsoft operating system. I posted also on microsoft forums, but the point is people can find this issue also here. And that is fine.

More important is DELL should know about this issues. Maybe they can cooperate more closely with microsoft to have more working ecosystem (hardware & software) in the future. Feedback and user experience is important. Exusing will not moves you forward. Otherwise more people shift to apple for example.

So no, iam not barking at the wrong tree. What moves you forward is communication.

Anyway, I solved this issue, by selling the eGPU and building a mini ITX PC for entertaiment and games. Have a nice day. 

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