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XPS 15 9520, hibernate doesn't work

XPS 15 9520


This has been an issue since the beginning. Laptop cannot wake up from hibernate. When I press power button while laptop is in hibernation, it shows the Dell sign, then shuts down. Pressing the power button again just starts/restarts (all apps closed) the laptop. I am using Windows 11. All drivers and Windows are up to date.


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An update from my side:

A couple of weeks ago I was happy to see a new BIOS update from Dell, 1.6.0 which addressed some boot issues. Sadly the BIOS update didn't help on my hibernate issue.

Then a few days ago I updated my machine with the large Windows 11 22H2 update.  This fixed my hibernate issue! Seemingly this countered their buggy patch which broke the hibernation file a while back.

So for anyone having problems with hibernate and don't want to reinstall everything, try the 22H2 update. Hopefully that helps you too.

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Try setting power button to Sleep and not Shut down.  I don't use hibernate, but that's the way my PC is set.  If it's in sleep state, it'll wake up if I push either sleep button or power button.


Another place there's power button options:


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If your system is a modern standby system, it will behave a little differently.  Normally, the screen will go off then, depending on your time settings, will go into low power mode.  It will not normally go into hibernation unless you set it to do so.

When I start my system, it may only take a tap on the space bar or a Bluetooth device.  The power button will do the same thing if I hold it about 2 seconds until the lights on the keyboard illuminate.

If you get a chance, could you let us know what settings you have for the display to turn off and sleep and hibernation timings?  And when it comes out of a shutdown or hibernation or sleep, make note of the screen indications and whether you have to log back in.

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Having the exact same problem with XPS 9520 and hibernate from Windows 11.
Newest drivers and BIOS.

Extracted minidump from Windows and found this as reason:

INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR The power policy manager experienced a fatal error. Arguments: Arg1: 000000000000010e, The disk subsystem returned corrupt data while reading from the hibernation file.

Never had an issue with hibernate on older XPS with Windows 10.

Settings for sleep, lid close, timings and so on have nothing to do with this, since hibernation is an manual action that should write the memory content to the hiberfil.sys file. So either the machine turns off before the file writing is completed, or the data itself is corrupt.

Some support on this matter would be appreciated. Really annoying not being able to hibernate to go into "cold standby". 


yeap. Tried every weird article on the web. Nothing works. Seems like some kind of driver/windows bug.

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Did some searching around and found this article:

He's been able to pinpoint which Windows update that triggers the bug.
I uninstalled the KB5016629 update to test his theory and it was correct. After that hibernation worked.
But of course Windows insist on reinstalling the patch, and ignoring security patches is not a good thing.

Could Dell Support please use the info from the article and update id to pinpoint why this triggers corrupt hibernation file on the XPS 9520.  


@trf24 great find. Unfortunately I don't have that update in history(probably received the laptop after KB5016629 ) I hope dell/MS will fix this. 

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Just for info, could you tell us what power settings you have set for that system, such as timers on display, sleep and hibernation?

Have you ever done a sleep study on the system?

I have an older modern standby system and when mine is in hibernation, and I know it is, I hold the power button down for about 2 seconds until the keyboard lights.  It will start up normally this way and is not shutting down first and has to be started from that condition.

With that being said, there was a Bios update once that stopped the system from shutting down and interfered with hibernation.


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As I wrote, timings are irrelevant for this issue. What info would they give, since the problem is waking up from actively hibernating the system? Not standby or modern sleep where it's using low power mode to keep system state alive.

khajvahdp even posted a video of the problem, and I've supplied further evidence that a patch in combination with this model causes this issue. It's starts up like it should, but for some reason the hibernate file is considered corrupt after the Windows update mentioned above.

I've tried to downgrade the bios, since like you wrote sometimes a bios update might not agree with an OS patch. But that was not the case this time.

@khajvahdpit could be that you need to uninstall a later update for that update to show in the list. I had to as well. But I wouldn't recommend doing it though. My Windows got really unstable after that. The Window Manager behaved strangely after that. Had no menu/start bar and had to start everything from the task manager.

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