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XPS 15 9520, touch screen multiple finger taps issue

XPS 15 9520

Hi everyone! I am a proud owner of XPS 9520, configuration with i7-12700H and 3,5K OLED touch display. The problem with touch sensitivity described below exists from the very beginning in my device. I have not exchanged it thinking that this is a software issue which should be resolved, but no, there were 2 or 3 BIOS updates and it is still there.

  1. Performing 'pinch to zoom' gesture with the thumb and the pointer finger causes the screen to jump shortly like zoom in-out-in-out-in-out. Windows touch indicator (white dot) blinks under my thumb swipe when it happens. It does NOT happen when performing the same gesture with other 4 fingers. Online touch screen tester from Online Touch Screen Test Tool For Any Touch Device (tecagile.com) clearly shows that short touches with 3rd finger very close to the thumb are recognized in these moments. I thought that there is something with the conductivity of my thumbs, but no, I asked another person with more 'delicate' fingers to check it, the same behavior. Eventually I discovered that I have to press with the perfect center of my thumb (unnatural position for pinching) or press very very hard with the side position of my thumb (normal position for pinching), then the touch recognition for thumb is OK.

  2. Sometimes the screen detects taps with two fingers even though I touched it only once, no matter with which finger. This does not happen very often, maybe once for 50-100 touches, but it is noticeable. This causes unwanted context menu in Chromium browsers to appear when touch clicking or scrolling (because double finger tap is mapped to context menu).

It seems that these 2 problems are related to each other and there is something with the over-sensitivity for multiple finger touches. Windows touch calibration did not help. Now I strongly wonder what I should do and what are the chances that Dell will replace my screen? Dell online diagnostics obviously tells that everything with the touch is OK, but it is not capable of detecting such small nuances. It basically checks if the screen is touch sensitive on entire area (passed) and if it reacts for up to 10 finger single tap at once (passed).

I am asking for help and your opinion. Please, check your devices if the same problem happens in your case. Thank you!

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