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XPS 15 9570 Sparked and Burnt

Extremely frustrated right now. So I was dealing with some issues of the laptop not staying powered on after unplugging it from the AC charger, but after running some diagnostics through Support Assist and updating some drivers it seemed to do the trick and the laptop was now operating off of it's battery. So I plugged it back in and while typing on it trying to do some more checks to make sure everything is okay the area near the top of the keyboard, only I would say about an inch or two from my fingers the laptop proceeds to spark and then glows bright orange for around 3-5 seconds, then begin smoking until the laptop powered off. The worst part about this is that I have had this exact same issue a little over one year before this incident, and when speaking to the repair people they assured me that this was a very rare occurrence and shouldn't happen again. Do not know what to do or where to go at this point as the machine is both a liability to cause serious harm, and just be a money sink as I have no reason to not believe that this problem will just happen again.

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I have had this happen to me twice now with this same laptop. The first time they replaced the motherboard, power cord, and keyboard. Now going through the process again since I paid for the extended support once I saw what could happen. The problem seems to be right under the F7 key where it burns like a fuse for a few secs and the laptop turns itself down. Likely a very hot spot since both times I was using the laptop and the vid card and CPU were running hot. I have had nothing but disappointments with this thing, for a $2k+ laptop I expect it to be better:

  • The webcam is cheap with red and green lines going across it, my really old MS external webcam that only does 720p video looks way better.
  • The sound system is horrible to the point that Citrix client complains is not supported
  • Multiple issues with the fans and the noise they make even when you are barely using it.
  • etc. there is a long list if you look for it online.

Not getting another Dell to replace this one.

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