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XPS 15 Charger isnt Working Until it Completely Dies Then Charges to 100% and Repeats

My Dell XPS 15 9500 just randomly stopped charging yesterday. I noticed after an update when it was at 10% and in fear it wouldnt charge backup, I started a restore thinking it was the update. So it died half way and shut off. I turned it back on, and it was charging... It hit 100% then I shut it off. I woke up to the same issue, and it kept draining the battery and now charging again.4

Also, when charging if I take the cord out it shuts off. When turning back on, it runs fine off the battery like normal, but wont read the charger until dead.

I have tested in BIOS with F2 and the charger is not recognized. Used the dell diagnostic when charging and says no problems. Any idea what this could be? Could it be a driver? 



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Having the same issue with brand new Dell XPS 15 9500.  

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Having the same problem!! 

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Any fixes for this?  I am now experiencing this issue with my 2022 Dell XPS 15".  I have noticed that as long as I plug the laptop in before powering it up, everything is okay.  However, if I unplug the laptop while powered on, there is a 50/50 chance it will start charging when I plug the laptop back in to power.  If it decides not to charge, I have to let the laptop completely drain the battery, at which time it will start charging again.  This is repeatable with three different power supplies on all three USB-C ports.  At this point, I assume it cannot be a power supply issue or port issue, but has to be a firmware or motherboard issue which Dell should be responsible for.



Dell replaced my MB. I haven’t used it a lot since fighting this issue for 6 months. It’s better but still has intermittent issues. I bought a MacBook and have been using my desktop pc more. I just use the MacBook when I have to travel. Sorry not more help. I feel your frustrations. I paid almost $4k for mine and had to plead with them several times to get anything done. 


@larry883Thanks for the update!  I also dished out almost 4k on this XPS and was just looking at a $4699 Macbook this morning as a last ditch alternative (I wish I would have saved the money for this XPS and just bought the Macbook)!  Your result is what I was afraid of, sending my laptop in for a repair that doesn't actually fix the issue, while being without my main business tool (my laptop). 


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I think I stumbled on a solution for this!  After I disabled sleep and other power savings settings, I have not experienced this issue.  That leads me to believe this is a Dell driver issue.  I am up-to-date on drivers and Windows updates, so Dell, this ball is in your court.



can you elaborate on this? what settings have been changed?

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