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XPS 17 9720 re-installation: how to make a clean installation correctly?

I decide to make a new, clean installation of my Dell XPS 9720 machine. This is the second one I make in few days thanks to how bad Dell software. This second reinstallation was forced by PremierColor going out of sync with the display for what concerns the white point.

When I first made a clean re-installation, I found all of the Dell and Intel software dedicated to this specific machine. Now,  at the second re-installation, all those software components are gone. There are no traces of "My Dell" "Command Update", Intel drivers for wide-gamut displays and Dell PremierColor. If I visit the Microsoft App Store all those apps are not INSTALLABLE because it does not recognize this device as Dell.

I have read elsewhere that I am supposed to edit the Windows Registry and add DELL and DELL_XPS as values to some keys. But I cannot believe that a "normal" user is required to do this to get back essential software.

So I ask:

- is it possible to reset a Dell laptop at its factory defaults, meaning that also the Dell Utilities are reinstalled?

- If the answer above is yes, what is the correct procedure to make a clean installation of Windows 11 Pro (pre-installed with XPS 17 9720) and receive also the Dell utilities?

Now, how can I get the Windows Store to recognize this device as a Dell?

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As the term indicated, a clean install will leave you with a fresh, new OS, nothing else.  You will have to perform drivers and apps installation manually.

What you said so far, it sounds like you want a system restore, specifically, a restore to factory settings.  Different from a restore point, factory restore will re-install OS and apps using the recovery partition on your drive.  If you have formatted your drive, you will need to use Support Assist OS Recovery to download your system image.  If you still have your current OS running, you can learn to perform OS reset and drivers installation following this XPS troubleshooting guide.   You can also find relevance instructions from this video.

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