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XPS 17 Thunderbolt / USB Ports and WD22TB4 Dock

I am researching this laptop as a possible replacement for my Inspiron 15 7559.  I will need to buy some USB-A to USB-C / Thunderbolt Adapters for this device and possibly a docking station.  I have received some rather confusing information concerning the docking station.  However, as to my first concern.  What is the spacing between the USB-C / Thunderbolt slots.  As an example, the dimensions given on the Amazon website for a Syntech adapter are:  1.08 x 0.65 x 0.32 inches.  If a person were to plug in two of these adapters side-by-side into two adjacent USB-C / Thunderbolt slots on the XPS-17, would they fit?  I have seen photos online on some laptops where the spacing is too tight to accommodate such a set up. 

Secondly, the WD22TB4 docking station is a "suggested / recommended accessory" for the XPS-17.  If one were to look at the list of laptops that will accept a docking station, the XPS-17 would not appear on the list.  I have checked.  However, there is another list I accidentally stumbled upon, which I am not sure I can find again, which lists the WD22TB4 as a workable docking station for the XPS-17.  If someone can address these two issues, it would be sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.

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