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XPS 9520 - Black External Flickering Screen Issue

Got an XPS 9520 at the end of May, as a replacement over a previous faulty XPS 15" laptop from Dell.

As the warranty from the faulty laptop carries over to the replacement laptop, the warranty on the XPS 9520 has expired. I say this, before anyone mentions going through premium support warranty - neither was I allowed to extend, otherwise I could have had this issue covered.

The issue I've been having - when the laptop is connected to a Thunderbolt WD19TBs dock (or connected to an external monitor) every so often, the external monitor will flicker. There are two external screens connected to said dock. At any given time, one of those will flicker black, and come back on after a few seconds, then works for a short period and may swap to next screen etc.

At first, I thought it maybe the dock that is faulty, and I have used other Dell laptops in the same dock, and they work fine. I tested the 9520 with another WD19TBs, and the same issue presides - where the external monitor will flicker black and go off for a few seconds, then come back on.

Ironic thing is, tested the above setup(s) with an XPS 9510, and the screens do not flicker. So, isolated this down to the laptop itself.

Tried contacting Support, but, as it is out of warranty, they only gave advice to reinstall the drivers - which I have done, but to no luck.

It has the latest Windows Updates, up-to-date on SupportAssist and this problem has now persisted for near enough 2 months

it's a decent spec 9520 - 32GB RAM, i7, 4k etc. Find it very surprising, a brand new laptop, with the latest 12th gen processor, yet struggling with having a multi-monitor set-up.

I've tried all the TB4 ports on the laptop, as well as the USB4 port, and the issue occurs on every port.

Has anyone had this issue, or, know how to go about it? Been searching over the internet the last couple of months, but had no luck.

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I have the exact same situation XPS9520 Replaced a 11th gen XPS15

WD19TBS - Dual 4K Display - one flickers

One additional item has come up now I can only get 1 monitor at 60hz the rest are 30hz no matter the combination and have tried tb to dp tb to hdmi the hdmi ports and dp ports along with all new cables to no resolve


That's reassuring to know it's not just me with the issue.

The screens I have tested with are all HD monitors (not 4k like yours). I have tried to move the hz down from 60 (lowest it goes to, is 50) but even with a mix and match of hz or all of them the same, the issues persists. 

I have also now tested with another brand new XPS 9520 (4k touch model), and that too, has the exact same issue. So the issue here isn't the monitors or Dell TB docks, it must be the 9520 - as another 9520 has the exact same issue.

Finally, as the new XPS 9520 arrived with Windows 10 as stock, I tested it out on that OS, and it seems the issue is on both Win 10 + Win 11.

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