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XPS13 SSD Swap

I bought n PS13 last year for a specific job. It was used little as the job is slow to get going but I have already entered enough data related to the job that i cannot just casually run a risk of it getting lost or in someone else's hands. 

Anyway, the motherboard has possibly cooked itself (this was diagnosed over the phone so I have my doubts). Since I was told that my warranty included "on site service" I thought all was well and good. But, of course, Dell started coming up with excuses one after the other. Finally they just sent me a used, errr, "reconditioned" machine. Fine. But I still have to transfer the data to the new machine (supposedly identical) and wipe the old drive.




I started to think,"why not just swap SSD's and send them back the old machine with the new HD? I did do that back around 2002 or 3 without issue with a pair of Dell desktops. Both machines booted up right away never noticed a problem.

Still, it just seems too easy. Also it looks like I'm going to have to buy a new cable to copy the existing SSD to my back up drive or just this computer. 


Any opinions? Thanks

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As long as you have a clamshell XPS (i.e., not a 2-in-1), you can swap the drives (or make an image of the existing drive to an external hard drive and restore it to the replacement system.

There are adapters you can also use to connect drives to USB (the system probably uses an NVMe drive).

The only type of system where this won't be an option is on a 2-in-1 -- which does not have a removeable SSD (the SSDs in the 2-in-1 models are soldered to the system board).


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