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XPS13 is a beast - still going strong after 5.5 years

I bought my Dell XPS 13 9343 in January 2015. Now is May 2020 and it is still working so well others couldn't even tell this machine is over 5 years old! It has been with me through 4 years of university (I'm a business analytics and accounting major). At this rate, I don't think my laptop is going to die or even slow down anytime soon.

Granted I take extremely good care of it. I only dropped it once from a table to the floor. The side of the screen was mopped a little, but everything else was fine.

And battery life is a beast too! I have never replaced my battery and a full charge still lasts me 4-5 hours of light browsing and 3 hours of heavy work. The trick is to always charge the battery between 40-80% (I usually do 50-75% though), and you'd be guaranteed that your laptop won't run out of juice till you can get to the charger.

I bought it for $1200 USD 5 years ago, which was pretty expensive back then for 8gb ram, core i5 and 256gb. You get what you pay for and I am so glad I bought this laptop. Dell wins my trust forever!

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I came here to find solution to upgrade battery and SSD for my XPS-13-9343. And came across this thread.  It is November 2022 now and it is still working amazingly.  Original battery is 43% healthy and SSD are running out of space. Not be able to upgrade to Win 11 but everything else is smooth.

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Beginning of 2023, just came across this thread. Purchased this laptop when XPS 13 9343 first came out in Canada 2015 for $899 plus tax for intel i5 and 4gb ram with 128gb SSD. Shocked that battery still holds 3hrs on full performance and 4 on battery saving, everything works perfectly even after updating  to Windows 10. I am curious to see who else is still using theirs...I got through nursing school, and a couple of post grad medical certs with this along with daily computing.

This is only my second laptop and I have a feeling it has many more years to come >.<'' 

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