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1 Amber
1 Amber

Xps 15

This is the biggest failure I have ever purchased . I do not leave reviews, I have never had to call customer service , I have never asked for my money back . But I am forced to try and bring attention to this piece of junk because there is no brick and mortar to go to and actually talk to a live person. The customer service line is a joke and it took a service tech months to actually show up , and this laptop still won’t work right , I’ve had battery issues since the start now going on 8 months and one warranty replacement later and I am furious . This was not a cheap purchase and was bought for work and it has been a complete waist of time and money . And Dell should be ashamed to be associated with the lack luster service , if you could call it service that I have received. … I want my money back this was a robbery . Dell support waisted just enough of my time to say it’s no longer returnable . This has been an out right robbery!

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