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low performance unplugged

Why the benchmark score is low when the pc is unplugged ? is this the same case for mackbooks ?

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There's no question the M1 CPU is far more power efficient than anything from Intel or AMD at this point, and the GPUs are competitive with AMD or nVidia GPUs.  If you can live with the other downsides of the Apple hardware and software, they are an option.

If you don't like buying a completely non-upgradeable appliance, with a soldered-in SSD, RAM -- essentially everything, a glued-in battery -- or you need to run Windows natively, or your gaming demands AMD or nVidia GPUs -- then the Apple offerings become far less compelling.  You also have to be willing to foot the Apple tax (the hardware costs 100% or more, more than the equivalent performance from Intel/AMD/Windows).

It's all a matter of deciding what matters to you and what doesn't;  for some, Apple hardware makes sense.  For others, it does not.


thank you.

It is not a only for my laptop. it is a general problem for all windows laptop. for example before a benchmak ,they advise to pluggin the laptop.

This problem does not exist with the new macbooks M1 processor 

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A weak or failing battery could cause that. Always use the adapter until you can replace the battery or computer.

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