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VDI desktops not being re-created when deleted ?

Got a bit of an issue here. 

Our autosize settings are set to keep a minimum of 110 live machines with a demand buffer of 32.

When users log off the machine gets deleted and removed from the broker and hyper-v. However, it isn't then re-created. If i enable maintenance mode and drain the cloud, i can then disable maintenance mode and it builds all the desktops as it should. 

Once users log off and the machines are not re-created we are then running out of machines and users are unable to log on. 

All hosts and brokers are available, 

Any ideas?

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Hi Jamin,

Do lots of users all log in and out at the same time?

If so it might be taking time for the minimum number to be realised, I would suggest increasing the minimum and maybe also the buffer.

If you still run into issues, I would grab broker logs from all brokers and log a support case.



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Or, you can just press the Windows key on your keyboard, next to the left Control key, which will also bring your own computer desktop to the front and minimize your virtual session. (Repeat to switch back.)




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