During the purchase process, Dell Advanced Configuration Services enables you to quickly and easily modify and customize the standard operating system image and computer configurations of the systems you’re ordering.

The benefits of Advanced Configuration Service include:

  • Quick and simple system configuration – Enables you to configure systems during the ordering process, which are subsequently built and shipped directly to you.
  • Helps speed up system deployment – Reduces repetitive activities that are typically done by an IT professional by enabling in-factory configuration.
  • Helps save time and money – Elements are $2-$10, typically a fraction of what it would cost to configure internally or by an external vendor.
  • Helps improve efficiency and flexibility – Lets you select just the configurations you need, virtually anytime from anywhere.
  • Offers no minimum order quantities – Enables you to choose the attributes for a single or up to 100 systems.
  • Provides fully-supported system – Advanced configurations are included in systems Limited Warranty*
The ability to select advanced configurations is available for LatitudeTM  laptops, OptiPlexTM  desktops and Dell PrecisionTM workstations.