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Premier Help

Gadget Library Offerings

Account Management

This gadget displays a set of links to manage key components of your personal account in one consolidated location. Simply click on the link desired to open up the gadget offering.
  • My Products and Services is a tool that will allow you to manage your Dell products and associated services in one location. Other resources include Browse by Category for Technical Support, Ownership Transfer Form, Warranty Information, etc. Use the links Start a New Search, or View My Products and Services to review My Products List, Find and Add Products or Manage Groups.
  • E-mail Settings allows users to update e-mail addresses and passwords, and view additional account information such as active orders and account settings.
  • My Address manages your shipping and billing addresses to speed up checkout and to receive information from Dell. You can update your address book, create a new address or post alternate addresses.
  • My Subscriptions gives users a choice to receive Subscription Center updates through e-mail or your Dell Premier account. Benefits include receiving:
    Special Offers and Promotions
    Relevant Tips, Tricks and Trends
    Cutting-Edge Technology from Dell
    Latest News, Updates and Important Alerts
  • Customer Numbers provides access to missing orders associated with your account profile. To find missing orders, add a Customer Number, Order number/Dell Purchase ID and Billing Zip/Postal Code.


Reports gadget provides a list of reports available at the customer’s request. Reporting allows Premier users the ability to view a variety of reporting options relating to current or past Dell purchases. Please contact your Dell Account Team to discuss available reporting options for your organization.

Order Management

Order Management allows Premier Customers the ability to check status of their recent orders. There are two ways for accessing orders:
     1. Choose from a series of Reference Numbers or Verification Types.
     2. Use the Quick Order Access Tool by choosing a Customer Number or Link Number.


This gadget displays a listing of your organizations saved E-Quotes. E-Quote search allows the user to search for a specific quote by entering an E-Quote number or the name of the person who saved the quote. You can sort the E-Quotes by clicking on any of the three column headings: Number, Name, or Created. To change column headings, click the “Edit” drop down list and select “Settings.” You can choose up to three different columns that are most relevant for your display.

Detailed View expands the gadget to full window view and details the following E-Quote information.
  • E-Quote #
  • Name of Product
  • Date Saved
  • Expiration Date
  • Saved By
  • Order Submitted
  • Price
Left-hand navigation offers additional Display Options. There are also options to Purchase and Delete products listed. Click Back to Workspace to return to Gadget View.

Standard Configurations

This gadget view may display up to three product catalogs: Standard Configurations, Systems Catalog, and Software & Peripherals. Simply click on the tab corresponding to the catalog of interest. Click “Detailed View” to expand the catalog to a full screen view. If you do not see a product catalog, please contact your Dell Account Team for assistance.

  • Standard Configurations – displays Dell systems specifically customized for your organization with user selectable options (upgrades/downgrades) created by your Dell Account Team. Standard Configurations have your organization's negotiated pricing included. Click the “Categories” drop-down arrow to use the filtering option. Using your mouse, hover over the name of each Standard Configuration to customize, add to cart, or view details (or simply click on the “Customized” or “Add to Cart” link next to the Standard Configuration name desired. Click “Detailed View” to expand the gadget to full screen view. This view will give you more filtering options. Click “Back to Workspace” to return to gadget view.
  • Systems – gives you access to the complete line of Dell branded products (e.g. desktops, notebooks, workstations, server & storage, Dell branded peripherals, and Dell imaging). Simply click on the icon corresponding to the product category you want to view. Click “Detailed View” to expand the gadget to full screen view. Click “Back to Workspace” to return to gadget view.
  • Software & Peripherals – gives you access to Dell branded and 3rd party software and peripheral products. When shopping for S&P items, you can search by product categories or keyword search. S&P Catalog will have your organization’s negotiated pricing included. Click “Detailed View” to expand the gadget to full screen view. This view will enable you to view and utilize the S&P Product Category list located on the left hand navigation. Click “Back to Workspace” to return to gadget view.

Technical Support

Technical Support offers support for specific Dell products and services. Click “Select a product” to begin the process. A new window will appear allowing you to choose a model, select a service tag, or choose from your list of products and services. After selecting your product, you can select from one of the following areas for technical support: Drivers & Downloads, Manuals, Parts & Upgrades, and Warranty Information. Other support related areas within the Technical Support gadget include: Featured Support Topics, Hot Topics, and Technical Support Tools. Click on the (+/-) to control the level of detail for each section. Click on “View More Technical Support” located within the lower right of the gadget to view additional information within the Support.Dell.com home page.

Solutions Advisor

This advisor gadget allows users to answer questions relative to a need and recommends a solution that can be used as the basis of conversation with your Dell Account Team. Customer input and recommended solutions are summarized in a report format for ongoing customer and Dell Account Team discussions. Examples of Solutions Advisor categories may include: Oracle 11g, PowerVault Data Protection, Precision Workstation, Virtualization, Exchange, HPC, Intelligent Classroom, and more. Simply click on the Solutions Advisor category of interest to begin the process. You can share your questions/answers/results with your Dell Account Team for further discussions on recommended solutions.

Purchase History

Purchase History provides a 15-month rolling history of products purchased. Different reporting views include Dashboard View, Summary View, and Detailed View. Data filtering capabilities are available at the Dashboard and Summary view. Dashboard View offers a graphical reporting view of products purchased as well as the number of systems shipped by region. Summary View button moves to the next level of reporting where customers can filter their selections by product, brand, country, month, LOB, region, and currency (for Global customers). Simply select your filtering parameters and click the “View Report” button to the right of the filtering to refresh the data. The summary view covers a timeframe of 3 years plus current year. The summary view parameters also control the Detailed Report View. Reporting data may be printed and exported in an Excel file format.

Warranty Report

Warranty Report shows systems with warranties expiring 15 months forward and expired 15 months back. Different reporting views include Dashboard View, Summary View, and Detailed View. Data filtering capabilities are available at the Dashboard and Summary view. Reporting data may be printed and exported in an Excel file format.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery provides an overview of products shipped and delivered. This enhanced report shows performance against ship and delivery commitments (standard published times by product) for 15-months rolling systems shipped. Different reporting views include Dashboard View and Summary View. Data filtering capabilities are available at both levels. Reporting data may be printed and exported in an Excel file format.


This gadget provides a consolidated view of helpful marketing and communications content for your organization. Content is divided into four key areas:

  • Messages– provides updates specific to your organization.
  • Premier News – provides newsworthy updates specific to Premier.Dell.com.
  • New At Dell – provides new updates to Dell products, services, and solutions.
  • Help – provides help related information specific to Dell branded products.

Please contact your Dell Account Team with inquiries to your Premier Page.

Account Team

This gadget displays Dell Contacts and Company Contacts in one consolidated area. Dell contacts may include Dell Account Team members’ Name, Position and Phone. Clicking on a name generates a pre-addressed e-mail. Company Contacts displays contacts important to your organization related to your relationship with Dell. Click on Edit to rename the Company Contacts tab specific to your organization. Company Contacts lists Name, Department and Phone. Going to Detailed View opens to an expanded view displaying additional information and the ability to add contacts using the Manage Account Team link. Click Back to Workspace to return to Gadget View.

Custom Links

This gadget displays a consolidated list of popular links for easy access to other Dell Premier Page tools or features.

Document Sharing

This gadget allows the Dell Account Team to upload documents specific to the access group for viewing or download by the users. These documents can be general information or customer specific. For questions specific to your account, please contact your Dell Account Team.

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