Front Panel Access — Simply press down on the front cover to connect USB and front audio cables, without ever needing to reach to the back of the chassis. The front door also lowers for easy access to your optical disc drives and media card readers.

Side Panel Entry — No screwdrivers are required for getting inside the Area-51. From the rear of the chassis, lift up one of the two rearward-facing latches. You can then access the left or right panel independently.

Rear I/O Lighting — The rear of the chassis includes lighting for added convenience when adding or removing cables.

Power Supply Unit — The Area-51 chassis offers the easiest power supply unit upgrades in the world. The PSU can be replaced or upgraded without any tools. And the assembly eliminates the frustration of "bird's nest" cabling.

Adjustable Chassis Foot — Raise the foot of your chassis to create a more aggressive, forward-leaning appearance.
Connection Perfection