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Digital Content Creation - Video & Audio Editing

Dell understands a video and audio editor's tireless search for editing approaches which increase the dramatic or entertainment value of productions. Responsibilities range from piecing together sounds for film soundtracks to selecting the most effective shots of each scene to form a story. Needless to say, it is a key role.

That's why Dell designed the Dell PrecisionTM workstation to support the high-end detail you need for the next generation of video and audio editing. Dell Precision workstations are optimized to take full advantage of powerful, new technology and the workflow advances it can bring.

The Digital Content Creation industry's leading software companies have certified our systems to help editing teams achieve richer results more quickly than ever before.

Dell and the Industry

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"As high-end digital video content creation continues to migrate from proprietary systems to the desktop, it's essential that customers utilize Adobe's software solutions on workstations that are going to hold up to the performance demands our customers expect from our products. Dell Precision workstations consistently meet our customer needs and through continued collaboration with Dell and Intel, we'll continue to develop turnkey solutions that increase productivity without sacrificing creative control."

- Simon Hayhurst, Director of Video Product Management, Adobe Systems

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