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How Do I Get Drivers?
Dell provides drivers for Dell products for free downloading and use at its Drivers and Downloads website. For more information about how to get Drivers, visit our How to Use the Drivers and Downloads Website knowledge base article.
Do I Need to Update My Drivers?
The device drivers and firmware on a computer should be updated for numerous reasons, some of which include:
  • Increased system performance
  • Patch security risks
  • Expanded compatibility
  • Additional features
  • To fix problems
  • As directed by a Dell article
However if your computer is working fine and the driver is not listed as an Urgent or Recommended download, there may be no reason to update your drivers. Installing drivers unnecessarily can, in some rare cases, create new problems. Review the Criticality information listed on the driver download page for more information.
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What is Dell Download Manager?
The Dell Driver Download Manager is supported with Microsoft Internet Explorer only. It offers a fast, more efficient, method of downloading files as well as offering the ability to pause and resume your downloads. When downloading large files, the Download Manager tracks and confirms the completeness of your download. For more information on how to use the Dell Download Manager refer to Dell Knowledge Base article Downloading and Installing drivers using the Dell Download Manager. Drivers and Downloads website.
In what order should drivers be installed?
After reinstalling Windows, follow the order listed when reinstalling drivers. Some devices may not function properly if the drivers are installed out of order.

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