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Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Release Date 6/29/2012
Importance: Recommended

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Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Level of Importance:Recommended

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).


Inspiron 15R 5520
Inspiron 15R SE 7520
Vostro 3560
Operating Systems
MS Windows 7 32-bit
MS Windows 7 64-bit

Applies to

  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Fixes & Enhancements

4158571 RaidCfg64 tool doesn't return the correct string about the model name Win7, Win7-64 4158538 RAIDCFG32/64 "/std" command does not show full device name Win7, Win7-64 4158576 When HDDs serial number is over 16 characters, RAIDCFG64.exe will fail on accelerate enable. Win7, Win7-64 3235695 RST does not correctly safely remove disks with formatted partitions Win7,Windows XP 3236135 User Interface Help does not notify the user how to increase partition/Volume size after a migration Win7-64 3236445 Enabling Acceleration of a RAID Volume Does Not Disable the Volume's Write Back Cache Win7-64 3236782 Revert changes to support Acceleration after hot-unplug and re-insert of SSD Win7-64 3236795 BSOD 0xD5 sporadically seen during hot plug test Win7 3236883 Create tab appears in the user interface when a cache volume is created by RcfgSata.exe or Raidcfg32/64.exe, when it should not Win7-64 3237050 SRT Caching thrashes cache contents running a specific test Win7 3237165 0x50/0x7E BSOD occurs during Write Test Win7-64 3237194 RST copyright corrected to be 2012 Vista,Vista-64,Win7,Win7-64,Windows 2003,Windows 2003-64,Windows 2008,Windows 2008-64,Windows XP,Windows XP-64 3237197 When a data volume is set to 8GB on a 32GB SSD HDD, SRT does not use the remaining space on the SSD Win7,Win7-64 3237135 ODD tray eject by PowerDVD* take 10sec when ODD is in Zero Power state Win7-64 3236307 0x7E BSOD observed when running extended S3 cycles Win7-64 3237225 RST not properly reporting HDD SMART information by IOCTL(SMART_RCV_DRIVE_DATA) Win7-64 3237275 RAID Error and Warning Event IDs are set to Zero Win7 4158536 Setting for adaptive spindown causing noticeable delays on HDD spin up Win7,Win7-64

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