EqualLogic PS6500 Series

intel® xeon™
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Available ProductsEqualLogic PS6500 Series

Dell EqualLogic PS6500ES
Dell EqualLogic PS6510X iSCSI SAN
EqualLogic PS6510e iSCSI Array
Dell EqualLogic PS6500E iSCSI SAN
Dell EqualLogic PS6500ES/PS6510ES
Take advantage of high-speed, low-latency solid state drives (SSDs) and high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) together in a single array.
EqualLogic PS6510X iSCSI SAN Storage
Organizations seeking an excellent balance of cost-effective 10GbE performance and large capacity.
EqualLogic PS6510E iSCSI SAN Storage
Organizations seeking great IOPS performance and bandwidth with excellent cost per gigabyte.
EqualLogic PS6500E iSCSI SAN Storage
Organizations seeking a low total cost of ownership with both excellent cost-per-GB and comprehensive SAN management and protection software.
Dell EqualLogic PS6500X iSCSI SAN
EqualLogic PS6500X iSCSI SAN Storage
Organizations seeking a high-performance, high-density SAS solution for capacity-intensive primary applications.

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