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Maximize agility and choice with open-standards solutions featuring 10/40GbE switches and third-party OS and software options.

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10GbE ports48 line-rate 10GbE ports96 line-rate 10GbE + 8 line-rate 40GbE ports in breakout mode
40GbE ports4 line-rate 40GbE ports32 line-rate 40GbE ports
Size1RU, 1.73” x 17.32” x 18.11” (4.39 cm x 43.99 cm x 50 cm)1RU, 1.71” x 17.08” x 18.11” (4.34 cm x 43.38 cm x 50 cm)
Weight14.39 lbs (6.53 kg)16.12 lbs (7.31 kg)
Power supply100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz
RedundancyHot swappable redundant power
Hot swappable redundant fans
Switch I/O bandwidth1.28Tbps (full-duplex)2.56Tbps (full-duplex)
Forwarding rate960Mpps1462Mpps
LatencySub 700nsSub 600ns
Packet buffer memory9MB12MB
CPU memory2GB4GB
SafetyUL/CSA 60950-L Second Edition, EN 60950-1 Second Edition, IEC 60950-1 Second Edition Including all National Deviations and Group Differences, EN 60825-1 Safety of Laser Products Part1: Equipment Classification Requirements and User’s Guide, EN 60825-2 Safety of Laser Products Part 2: Safety of Optical Fibre Communications Systems, FDA Regulation 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11
EmissionsAustralia/New Zealand: ASNZS CISPR 22: 2006,m Class A, Canada: ICES-003, Issue-4, Class A, Europe: EN 55022: 2006+A1:2007 (CISPR 22: 2006), Class A, Japan: VCCI V3/2009 Class A
ImmunityEN300 386 V1.4.1:2008 EMC for Network Equipment, EN 55024: 1988 + A1: 2001 + A2: 2003, EN 61000-3-2: Harmonic Current Emissions, EN 61000-3-3: Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker, EN61000-4-2: ESD, EN 61000-4-3: Radiated Immunity, EN 61000-4-4: EFT, EN 61000-4-5: Surge, EN 61000-4-6: Low Frequency Conducted Immunity
RoHSAll S Series components are EU RoHS compliant
Reliable switching meets open-source freedom

Reliable switching meets open-source freedom

Dell Networking S4810-ON and S6000-ON Open Networking switches offer an innovative disaggregated-hardware/software solution for data center networking. Based on our dependable, award-winning S-Series switch hardware and featuring a choice of third-party OS and software options, these solutions give you the power to transform your network and accelerate data-center innovation with simplified, high-capacity network fabrics.
Dell Open Networking Switches
Designed to ease network fabric orchestration and automation, Dell Open Networking switch solutions are cost-effective, easy to deploy and provide a clear path to software-defined networking (SDN). Key features include:
  • 1U, high-density, 10/40GbE, top-of-rack switches
  • Choice of Cumulus Linux OS or Big Switch Networks Switch Light™ OS*, as well as Big Switch Networks Big Tap™ Monitoring Fabric application*
  • Support for open-source Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for zero-touch installation of network OS
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supply units (PSU) and fans
  • Reversible airflow options
  • Low power consumption
Dell ProSupport

Dell ProSupport

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Dell Networking S4810-ON Open Networking Switch

Dell Networking S4810-ON Open Networking Switch

Deploy modern workloads and applications and have the freedom of open networking using the Dell Networking S4810-ON switch — part of our new disaggregated-hardware/software solution for data-center networking.

The S4810-ON is a high-density, 1U, 48-port 10GbE switch with four 40GbE uplinks that offers ultra-low-latency, non-blocking operation and is designed to ensure line-rate performance. It also supports ONIE for zero-touch installation of alternate network operating systems.

Dell Networking S6000-ON Open Networking Switch

Dell Networking S6000-ON Open Networking Switch

Provide high-density switching for top-, middle- and end-of-rack deployments with the Dell Networking S6000-ON switch — part of our new disaggregated-hardware/software solution for data-center networking.

The S6000-ON switch offers thirty-two 40GbE ports or ninety-six 10GbE ports plus eight 40GbE ports. The S6000-ON also supports ONIE for zero-touch installation of network operating systems.
Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Linux is a full-featured networking operating system that enables you to build a modern, scalable and cost-effective data center. Combined with Dell’s open-networking switches, this disaggregated solution offers enhanced manageability, clustering, monitoring and orchestration – many of the same benefits found in virtualized-server environments.

Cumulus OS leverages a large ecosystem of native Linux applications and automation tools, allowing you to adopt innovations and add agility to your data center. Now you can deploy next-generation workloads on feature-rich solutions built on large-scale Clos fabrics and new data-center architectures.

Cumulus Linux 2.0 integrated packages:

  • Layer 3 features: Enhanced Quagga IPv4/v6 routing suite (OSPFv2, OSPFv3, BGPv4/v6), Prescriptive Topology Module (PTM), Hardware ECMP Hashing
  • Layer 2 features: STP/RSTP, Bridge Assurance, BPDU Guard, VLAN trunks, LACP, LLDP, Ethernet Bridging (VLANs), Link Aggregation (Bonding), IPv6 neighbor discovery, unicast/broadcast, Storm control, Configuring VXLANs, Spanning Tree, Rapid Spanning Tree, configuring switch port attributes, configuring buffer and queue management, virtual router redundancy VRR, IGMP and MLD snooping
  • Management: AAA with RADIUS, LDAP, native Linux management tools, image and packet management, Netfilter ACLs
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting: PTM, SNMP v2/v3, SPAN/ERSPAN, ACL counters, real time queue-depth and buffer utilization reporting, inventory and log files, ping, trace route, manipulating system ARP cache, traffic generation using mz
  • Operating system: Resilient Linux Modular Operating System, zero-touch install with ONIE, in-service software patching, in-service process restart/termination
  • Security: ACL, CPU protection
  • QoS: CoS based queuing/scheduling (DWRR, strict priority), ingress policing

Big Switch Networks Switch Light OS

Switch Light™ OS* is an SDN operating system that is ideal for building next-generation data-center fabrics. Based on Open Network Linux (ONL), the open-source Linux operating system, Switch Light OS brings modern server or compute models to the network and allows you to adopt a disaggregated-software/hardware solution. It provides powerful automation capabilities that can significantly reduce your operating costs.

Switch Light OS uses ONIE to install onto on-board flash memory and includes standard ONL features such as:
  • Debian Linux kernel
  • Set of device drivers and installation scripts
  • A net-boot-capable, zero-touch networking bootloader
  • Enhanced features that optimize headless switch operations
  • Ability to increase performance by minimizing writes to flash memory
Big Switch Networks Big Tap Monitoring Fabric

Big Switch Networks Big Tap Monitoring Fabric

Big Tap™ Monitoring Fabric* is an innovative network monitoring solution that allows you to tap traffic anywhere in the network and deliver it to troubleshooting, network monitoring, application-performance monitoring or security tools. It offers a practical, cost-effective entry point for SDN and provides optimal visibility and scalability.

At the core of the Big Tap Monitoring Fabric is the Big Tap Controller. This software compiles user-defined policies into optimized flows that are programmed into the forwarding ASICs of "non-OS" switches running the Switch Light™ OS.

Big Tap Monitoring Fabric features:

Network-wide visibility
Network-wide visibility
  • Enables "non-OS," Ethernet-switch-based, centralized monitoring of network fabrics
  • Ensures efficient utilization of switch capabilities with an enhanced controller policy optimizer engine
  • Filter Interfaces selectively forward packets and capture statistics depending upon Match Rule policies
  • Delivery Interfaces copy and deliver traffic to select tools; policies can be configured from a centralized controller to forward flows from multiple filter interfaces to multiple delivery interfaces, including optional service nodes; packet replication is made at the last common hop to optimize the fabric bandwidth
  • Services nodes can be selectively configured with service chaining to apply services en route between Filter and Delivery Interfaces
  • Host tracking enables you to maintain a time-sorted inventory of IP-MAC bindings of hosts across your production network and track the data centrally, and helps identify ownership of IP addresses dynamically assigned to the hosts as well as their location in the network
  • Packet manipulation services through third-party NPBs, include deduplication, packet-slicing, payload obfuscation and time-stamping
  • Supports multiple overlapping Match Rules per Filter Interface based on a variety of L2, L3 and L4 header attributes
Security features and controlled administrative accessSecurity features and controlled administrative access
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) implements administratively defined access control per user
  • Support for advanced overlapping policies enable multiple user groups to monitor the traffic from the same tap interface to various tool interfaces — providing true multi-tenancy
  • Web-based management GUI enforces fine-grained RBAC-based User View privileges
High performance, highly scalable network-monitoring fabricHigh performance, highly scalable network-monitoring fabric
  • Centralized-policy definition and instrumentation of "non-OS" Ethernet switches within the network
  • Supports single-switch networks, where filter and delivery are completed within a single device
  • Supports two-tier and three-tier monitoring fabrics to scale with the largest network monitoring needs
  • Multi-site monitoring support can be managed by cluster of controllers residing at a single site
  • Link Aggregation (LAG) in the Ethernet fabric and across deliver interfaces
  • Policy-based load balancing of core links with failover detection to efficiently utilize fabric bandwidth and ensure resiliency
  • Filter, Core and Deliver switch support delivers a range of configuration, services and topologies
  • Support for security, monitoring and NPB tools from a variety of vendors
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