Gateways & Embedded Computing

A pragmatic approach to the Internet of Things and embedded systems
A pragmatic approach to the Internet of Things and embedded systems
Dell helps integrate IT and Operations Technology to enable your IoT solutions and smart systems.
Analytics at the edge
Analytics at the edge
Intelligent gateways aggregate, analyze and secure IoT data.
Embedded Box PCs
Optimize your embedded systems
Industrial PCs go mainstream, so you can get solutions to market quicker.
Make the IoT real. Today.
Make the IoT real. Today.
Dell’s pragmatic approach: Start with what you have now.

Our portfolio combined with a rich partner ecosystem, deep vertical and domain expertise and a collaborative approach enables Dell to provide end-to-end solutions while reducing the risk and increasing the speed of deploying IoT initiatives.
Gateways & Embedded Computing - Building Automation and Smart CitiesGateways & Embedded Computing - Industrial Controls and ManufacturingGateways & Embedded Computing - Fleet Management and LogisticsGateways & Embedded Computing - IoT in Healthcare and Telemedicine
Industrial Controls and Manufacturing
Dell enables factory floor, manufacturing control and other industrial IoT systems. Dell IoT Gateways integrate and automate a wide variety of sensor and equipment data.
Building Automation and Smart Cities
Working with innovators and leaders, Dell helps create IoT solutions for commercial HVAC, water and waste management, smart cities, efficient traffic flow and more.
Fleet Management and Logistics
Dell IoT systems can help manage and control vehicles and assets. Improve security, efficiency, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance with fleet management, shipping logistics and more.
IoT in Healthcare and Telemedicine
Edge Gateways and Embedded PCs integrate into smart systems and improve telemedicine treatment decision-making, data security and device interoperability.
Gateways & Embedded Computing - Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program
Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program
Making the Internet of Things a reality by combining a community of technology providers and domain experts with our broad portfolio of solution-enabling assets.

Apply online to register your organization in Dell’s IoT program
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Support and Deployment
Unifying the IoT Edge Through Open Source
Dell IoT Systems Management

Support and Deployment
Dell can also configure devices to your specification,including custom BIOS settings and installation of your software image prior to shipping to your site.
Unifying the IoT Edge Through Open Source
Dell and other industry leaders have joined forces to create EdgeX Foundry, the interop platform for the IoT edge. Learn More about this Linux Foundation collaborative project.
Dell IoT Systems Management
Onboard, monitor & maintain Dell IoT Edge Gateways and Embedded PCs through Dell Edge Device Manager. Manage content & schedule upgrades remotely.
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