Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Tool

The Dell Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Tool (EIPT) helps IT professionals plan and tune their computer and infrastructure equipment for maximum efficiency. Offering a wide range of configuration flexibility and environmental inputs, this can help right size your IT environment.

EIPT is a model driven tool supporting a large number of products and configurations for infrastructure sizing purposes. EIPT models are based on hardware measurements with operating conditions representative of typical use cases. Workloads can impact the power consumption greatly, meaning the same percent CPU utilization and different workloads can lead to widely different power consumption. It is not possible to cover all the workload, environmental, and customer data center factors in a model & provide percent accuracy figures with any degree of confidence. With that said, Dell would anticipate (NOT guarantee or claim) a potential for some variation. Customers are always advised to confirm EIPT estimates with actual measurements under their own, actual workloads.

What's New:

Ability to Import a Solution from Online Solutions Configurator (OSC)

ME Series

  • PowerVault ME5084 Storage Enclosure
  • PowerVault ME5024 Storage Enclosure
  • PowerVault ME5012 Storage Enclosure

Click here to Launch EIPT Web (Version Date: 02.24.2022)

Please bear with us as we prepare the upgrades for the EIPT Installer.

Click here to Download EIPT only for EOL Products

For EIPT user guide, walkthrough, and definition of terms EIPT User Guide

For a brief tutorial: EIPT Training Video

Supported products:


    Modular/Converged Enclosures: MX7000, C6400, FX2, VRTX, M1000e

    Blades/Sleds: C6520, MX750c, C6525, MX840c, MX740c, MX5016s, FC640, M640, C6420, FC830, FC430, FD332

    Rack Servers: R350, R250, XR12, XR11, R450, R550, R750xs, R650xs, R750XA, R750, R650, R750xs CSP, R650XS CSP, R7525, R6525, R7515, R6515, R940xa, R940, R840,R7425, R7415, R740, R740xd, R740xd2, R6415, R640, R440xr (XR2), C4140, R540, R440, R340, R240, R830, R630, R420xr

    Tower Servers: T550, T350, T150, T640, T440, T340, T140, T330

    VxRail: E660 H/F, P/V670F, E560Nd, P580Nd, G560d, G560d Enclosure, S570d, P/V/570d, E560d/F, D560/F, E665/F/N

    XE Series: XE8545, XE2420


    ME Series: ME4084, ME4024, ME4012, ME484, ME424, ME412

    MD Series: MD3800i, MD3820i, MD1400, MD1420, MD1220, MD3060e

    NX Series: NX430

    SC Series: SCv2000, SCv2020, SCv2080, SCv3000, SCv3020, SC4020, SC5020, SC5020F, SC7020, SC7020F, SC9000, SC100, SC120, SC180, SC280, SCv300, SCv320, SCv360, SC400 3.5 in, SC420 2.5 in, SC420F, SC460

    XC Series: XC940ENT, XC740xd, XC640, XC6400 Enclosure, XC6420 Sled

    XC Core: XC940 ENT, XC740XD ENT, XC640 ENT

    Tape: PowerVault LTO9, PowerVault ML3, PowerVault LTO8, PowerVault ML6010, PowerVault ML6020, PowerVault ML6030, PowerVault 114X, PowerVault LT05-140, PowerVault LT06, PowerVault LTO External Tape, PowerVault TL1000, PowerVault TL2000, PowerVault TL4000

    PowerScale: PowerScale F600, PowerScale F200

    PowerFlex: PowerFlex Rack R650, PowerFlex Rack R750, PowerFlex Rack R6525, PowerFlex Custom Node R650, PowerFlex Custom Node R750, PowerFlex Custom Node R6525, PowerFlex Appliance R650, PowerFlex Appliance R750, PowerFlex Appliance R6525, PowerFlex Rack R840, PowerFlex Rack R740xd, PowerFlex Rack R640, PowerFlex Appliance R840, PowerFlex Appliance R740xd, PowerFlex Appliance R640, VxFlex Ready Node R840, VxFlex Ready Node R740xd, VxFlex Ready Node R640

    VPLEX: Dell EMC metro node


    Modular Networking: PowerEdge MX9116n, PowerEdge MX5108n, PowerEdge MX7116n, PowerEdge MXG610s, Brocade M6505, Cisco® Catalyst® 3130G, Cisco Catalyst 3130X, Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE, Dell M4828-k. Dell PowerEdge FN I/O Module, PowerConnect M8024-k. PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator

    Force10: Dell Networking C1048P, Dell Networking X4012, Dell Networking X1000, Dell Networking S4148U, Dell Networking S4148, Dell Networking S4128, Dell Networking N1100, Dell Networking S5048, Dell Networking N3000 Series, Dell Networking N2000 Series, Dell Networking N1500 Series and Dell Networking N2128PX-ON, Dell Force10 S4810, S6010, S6100, S3048 , S3100 Series(S3148,S3148P), S4048T ,Z9100, S4820T, S4000, S6000

Future Updates:

The cadence of release will be in roughly Four week intervals.
  • New products timed to shipping dates


  • Upgrading
    • When you upgrade a local copy of the tool it is recommended you clear your local cache. This is located at C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Dell\Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Tool
    • In the case of browser based, user CTRL+SHIFT+DEL to prompt and clear browser cache
  • Errors
    • In the case of red tool error, please attempt a cache clear and confirm the issue repeats. If so, save your configuration JSON and either PDF or Excel and send both to the feedback channel.
    • In the case of green "Action Items" errors, there are some false flags at present we are rooting out and suppressing. These errors do not impact calculation, but may indicate when a configuration is invalid. Feel free to submit feedback on any items that do not appear to function correctly.


Please submit questions or feedback to EIPT_Business_Partners@Dell.com or directly through the tool Feedback Form.

Legal Notice

  • The Dell Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Tool (EIPT) is subject to change without notice and is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or otherwise. Dell does not make any representations regarding the accuracy or reliability of the EIPT. The entire risk arising out of the use of this software tool remains solely with the customer. In no event shall Dell be liable for any indirect, direct, consequential, incidental, special, punitive or other damages, however caused and under any theory of liability even if Dell has been advised of the possibility of such damages, arising from use of the EIPT or the information provided herein. Dell has no duty to provide maintenance, support or updates to the EIPT. The EIPT may come bundled or otherwise be distributed with open source or other third party software, which is subject to the terms and conditions of the specific license under which it is distributed. Output values obtained from the EIPT are intended solely for a Dell customer's planning purposes. All results are approximate and actual results may vary. EIPT output values are solely for a Dell customer's internal use and may not be published without the express prior written permission of Dell.